Weight Loss with Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a thick, creamy yogurt with a tart taste. It contains higher amounts of protein and less carbohydrates than regular yogurt. “Weight Loss with Greek Yogurt” is becoming so popular because of these two major properties.

Greek yogurt

What is Greek Yogurt?

Greek yogurt has been a part of Mediterranean diet and is made of cow’s milk. The milk is strained to remove the whey, which results in a thicker consistency as compared to normal yogurt.

However, this yogurt has a bit of tangier flavor and can often be used as a healthier version of mayonnaise and other flavoring sauces.

What makes it different from regular yogurt?

This yogurt has more protein and less carbohydrates, which makes it much healthier than other normal yogurts. Also, it goes through a rigorous straining process that drains most of the water, lactose and minerals from it. This process provides it a tart taste.

Nutritional Value Of Greek Yogurt

A tablespoon or 45g of plain Greek yogurt provides:

It is also a good source of vitamin B12, Vitamin b2(Riboflavin) and selenium.

6 Reasons Why Greek Yogurt For Weight Loss Is Great…

It’s a myth that Greek yogurt leads to weight gain. It is actually helpful in losing weight if taken in a certain amount without additives.

1. Greek Yogurt is an excellent source of Protein for Weight Loss

Greek yogurt has almost twice the amount of protein than normal yogurt. A 3/4 cup serving of this low fat yogurt provides around 17 gm of protein, compared to a normal low-fat yogurt which only provides around 8 gm per 3/4 cup. To add further, this size serving of Greek yogurt provides even more protein than two large egg whites, which only provide 10 gm.

You can include Greek Yogurt for weight loss in your meal or snack due to its high protein content. It can help you improve your appetite control and energizes you. The presence of protein in body during your weight loss journey supports lean muscle mass so that you don’t get loose skin after weight loss. It also helps create disease-fighting antibodies and enzymes.

Greek yogurt is a great portable protein and it can also help you quell hunger,” says Katherine Brooking, MS, RD. “What’s more, it may also help fight belly fat, according to a recent study presented at the annual Society for Endocrinology conference. Researchers found that when protein is metabolized and broken down, one of the resulting amino acids, phenylalanine, triggers hormones that help to reduce appetite, which can lead to weight loss”

This helps you to satisfy your hunger, reduce overeating like munching of junk food, and deliver good nutrients to your body. So, try to include this yogurt in your daily diet, ideally in your breakfast. It is one of the best addition to any diet to help with weight loss.

2. Low In Carbohydrates

Greek yogurt is an excellent source to use if anyone is trying to keep carbs on the lower side.

This yogurt has nearly half the amount of carbohydrates (5-8g) versus regular yogurt (13-17g) per serving.

Also, it is considered a power-packed food that will make you feeling full and healthy.

There are really no risks when you eat Greek yogurt every day limiting it to two servings a day. However, you may not reap benefits if you choose the wrong type of yogurt. Ideally, Greek yogurt should only contain milk and cream and live cultures. You should not consume yogurts that contain gelatin, stabilizers, protein, sweeteners, flavorings, or any other additives.

Another factor that may reduce the benefits of Greek yogurt is what you yourself add to it. Quite frequently, we add fruit, nuts, seeds, grains, honey to Greek yogurt. Although these are very healthy additions, but you should keep watch on your daily calories. These additions should not add up calories. So ideally, they should be added in a small amount or you could switch them for some less healthy food you take.

Traditionally Greek yogurt in Greece is consumed plain or by adding just a few walnuts or a bit of honey. Honey is also taken as a healthy alternative. People on weight loss keep on pouring honey assuming that it is healthy and will do no harm. Honey adds calories too so you need to set a limit. Moreover, yogurt in itself is a complete meal combining protein, carbohydrates, and a bit of fat, so it does not necessarily need addition nutrition-wise.

3. Low Glycemic Index (GI)

Greek yogurt has a very low glycemic index of just 11. Foods with a glycemic index of 0-50 are considered low GI foods.

A food that is low in the glycemic index will not cause sharp spikes in blood sugar. This is why adding Greek yogurt to your daily diet is a great addition to help with weight loss.

So, if you are not consuming low GI foods like Greek yogurt on a regular basis, you will be more prone to insulin resistance and related chronic disease development, such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

4. Builds muscle mass

Consuming an adequate amount of protein is essential for promoting overall health and muscle recovery.

Greek yogurt is an excellent post work out snack option. Its high protein content can promote muscle protein synthesis and recovery.

A study in young men found that consuming Greek yogurt daily for 3 months while undergoing a resistance-training program led to higher gains in muscle strength, muscle thickness, and fat-free mass compared with a placebo.

5. May support gut health

Research suggests that eating yogurt regularly may help support a healthy digestive system by increasing bacterial diversity in the gut.

However, the type of Greek yogurt consumed also matters. Purchasing yogurt with “Live & Active Cultures (LAC) seal” ensures that the yogurt contains a good amount of beneficial bacteria or probiotics, which can help support gut health.

It’s also important to only choose unsweetened Greek yogurt. Research shows that added sugar can harm gut health and contribute to bacterial imbalance.

6. High In Calcium

Greek yogurt is rich in a number of nutrients that are necessary for maintaining the health of the skeletal system, including protein, calcium, magnesium, & phosphorous.

A small study among young men found that consuming Greek yogurt daily while undergoing a resistance-training program for 3 months helped increase bone formation and also helped decrease bone breakdown compared with a placebo.

Yogurt intake is linked to higher bone mineral density and a lower risk of osteopenia and osteoporosis among older adults.


Greek yogurt is a great food option to add to your weight loss diet. Being one of the best protein rich foods, it promotes fullness and is also rich in several nutrients and also provides probiotics.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Greek Yogurt The Same As Curd?

Although the same process of fermentation is followed, but another bacteria is added to it called streptococcus thermophilus apart from lactobacillus.

Is Greek Yogurt Good For Belly Fat?

Yes because it contains twice as much satiating protein as traditional yogurt, which can keep you feeling full longer and control your appetite. This can translate to less belly fat. 

Can We Eat Greek Yogurt daily?

Consuming one or two cups of the low-fat version daily can be a healthy addition to your diet.

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