Best breakfast protein for weight loss

This article covers 3 protein options which could be the best of the best breakfast protein for weight loss.

Breakfast has always been considered the most important meal of the day by dieticians, however there are quite a number of people who either skip breakfast or they have a poor quality breakfast in terms of nutrition. This is true even for people who are seriously putting efforts for weight loss. Ignoring a quality breakfast is more driven by laziness & tiredness in morning & less by lack of knowledge.

A good protein breakfast not only keeps you high for the day but also highly aids in weight loss. Protein takes longer to digest and thus makes you feel more satiated. Having enough protein in your breakfast can help you avoid the mid-morning hunger attacks since it makes you feel full for longer.

According to a research report, a high-protein breakfast is a major factor in helping with weight loss. One study found that people who ate a protein breakfast with merely 12 grams of protein lost more weight than the group that consumed a low-protein breakfast.

Another important thing to consider about breakfast protein for weight loss is that it must be a good quality protein. Processed proteins like bacon who are high in unhealthy saturated fat & calories must be seriously avoided.

1. Cottage cheese

Cottage cheese has been known as a good protein source however has never been considered as a protein option for breakfast. Moreover, when you think of high-protein foods, cottage cheese may not be name that comes to your mind at first. Though it hasn’t been that popular but it’s one of the best breakfast protein for weight loss considering its high protein content & low calorie content.

Just a half-cup serving of cottage cheese can provide around 13gms of protein. It has just 80 calories per half-cup serving which makes it a very good breakfast protein option for people who are seriously watching their calorie intake. 

Cottage cheese is not just good protein source & low in calories, it contains ample amount of nutrients too apart from being just so delicious. It is a good source of several important nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, selenium, and vitamin B12. These nutrients play important roles in maintaining bone health, immune function, and overall health.

Cottage cheese breakfast recipes

2. Egg whites

Egg whites are probably the most popular protein source used by people considering serious weight loss worldwide. They are a full package breakfast food. They are filling, healthy, and taste great. Egg white is almost pure protein. If you want to increase your breakfast protein intake but are concerned about cholesterol, egg white is the best possible choice.

Egg whites breakfast can be combined with high-fiber foods.

Egg whites omelette

3. Low-fat yogurt

Yogurt is purely delicious & it’s the best thing for gut health. This probiotic-rich food is packed with protein and can promote healthy weight loss. It has millions of good bacteria to improve digestion by improving gut health. Probiotics aid in the release of the hormones peptide YY (PYY) & peptide-1.

(GLP-1) is known to reduce appetite. Increasing the release of these hormones may help to burn more calories and fat. GLP-1 & PYY are gut secreted hormones that possess anti-obesity & anti-diabetic actions.

Another factor which is very much worth considering while opting for low fat yogurt for weight loss is to totally avoid yogurt with added flavours & sugar. This may seem delicious for taste but it will bring down the weight loss effects of yogurt with the high sugar calories. The second thing worth considering is to opt for yogurt which has a stamp of live & active cultures. Some yogurts are heat treated after fermentation which can kill the beneficial active cultures.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

Are egg whites good for belly fat ?

Yes, because they are high in natural fat burning element protein. Moreover, fat takes longer to digest which will help to curb hunger cravings.

What is the best time to eat egg whites for weight loss ?

Breakfast is the ideal time because protein will take longer to digest which will curb hunger cravings.

How many boiled egg whites should I eat a day for weight loss ?

Ideally one to two egg whites depending on your total calorie intake.

What is best to eat for breakfast for weight loss ?

Boiled egg whites, fiber rich whole grains, low fat yogurt, seeds like chia & flax seeds, unsalted nuts, bananas & oatmeal are some good breakfast options for weight loss.

How many calories is a healthy breakfast ?

Though every person’s calorie intake varies according to their lifestyle, but on an average nutrition experts advise to take 300-400 calories for breakfast.

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