Top 6 Health Benefits of Brazil Nut Milk

If you’re looking for a creamy and nutritious alternative to dairy milk, then the brazil nut milk would be a great choice. It is low fodmap and great for people with lactose intolerance. Brazil Nut milk is very nutritious and offers amazing health benefits.

Brazil Nut Milk Benefits

This creamy nut milk has a rich and nutty flavor and is packed with essential minerals. It is highly similar to cashew milk in texture.

Brazil Nut Milk Benefits for Selenium Deficiency

Brazil Nuts are one of the top best sources of selenium. Selenium is an important trace element that is vital for our immune system, thyroid gland and cell growth. A single cup of Brazil nuts contains a whopping 2549 ug of selenium, which is 3642 % of the daily value for selenium. An average size Brazil nut contains 175% of the required amount of this mineral.

Brazil nuts are a very effective and easy to incorporate food to maintain or increase the selenium intake. A study involving 59 people found that eating just two Brazil nuts a day was as effective as taking a selenium supplement at raising the selenium levels. Brazil nuts contain more of this mineral than any other nut. They are also fully packed with healthy fats and protein.

Brazil Nut Milk Benefits the Thyroid function

Thyroid tissue possesses the highest concentration of selenium. Selenium is required for the production of thyroid hormone T3 and certain proteins that prevent thyroid damage.

Low selenium intake may lead to cellular damage, decreased thyroid function, and autoimmune disorders like Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Graves’ disease. It may also increase the risk of thyroid cancer

Selenium is a crucial trace mineral which plays the role of converting thyroid hormone T4 into the active thyroid hormone, T3. A study on the effects of brazil nuts on thyroid hormone levels found that after 3 months of eating just a single brazil nut everyday, significantly increased T3 levels. A further supplementation with a higher amount may help in restoring T3 levels to normal levels.

Brazil Nuts and Antioxidant Glutathione

The same study also showed that antioxidant production was also increased with a single daily brazil nut. This is because selenium is required to recycle oxidized glutathione, which is a major antioxidant to protect against free radical damage.

Improved immune Function

Selenium is also essential for optimal immune function. It regulates excessive immune responses and decreases chronic inflammation. 

Brazil Nut Milk Benefits as a Low Fodmap Milk

Brazil nuts are the ideal nuts to make a low fodmap nut milk. These nuts are low fodmap and hence can give creamy milk free of lactose fodmap found in dairy products. Dairy alternatives are especially important for people with IBS symptoms and lactose intolerance, to keep enjoying the dairy milk benefits with the plant based milk. This milk is ideal for anyone on the low fodmap diet for IBS

Brazil nut milk benefits are actually many in number. Apart from being so nutritious, the Brazil nut milk is free of additives, tastes great in oatmeal, and can even be added to soups to make them creamy.

Good for Brain

Brazil nuts contain selenium and ellagic acid, both of which can improve brain health.

Ellagic acid is a polyphenol antioxidant. It has anti-inflammatory properties which may show protective and antidepressant effects on brain.

Selenium may also improve brain health by increasing antioxidant action as it plays part in recycling oxidized glutathione.

In one study, older adults with mental impairment ate one Brazil nut daily for a period of six months. The results showed improved verbal fluency and mental function in these older adults.

Low selenium levels have been found to be associated with neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, so ensuring adequate intake is important for prevention.

Brazil nuts contain the good fats, mono-unsaturated fats (namely palmitolec and oleic acid) which are known to lower the bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase the good cholesterol (HDL).

Also, like most other nuts, they contain a good amount of vitamin E which holds antioxidant properties. They also contain omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fiber.


The Brazil nut milk is incredibly easy to make and also in no time:

  1. Soaking: Soak one cup of Brazil nuts in more than double amount of water for at least 4 hours or overnight. Soaking softens the nuts and improves the texture of the milk. Do not soak for longer duration if you are in a hot weather region.
  2. Rinse: After soaking, drain the water. Rinse the nuts 1-2 times. 
  3. Blend: Blend the nuts with 4 cups of filtered water.
  4. Blend until smooth: Blend on high speed for about 1-2 minutes or until the mixture becomes creamy and smooth. Brazil nuts get thoroughly pulverized in the blender. You may omit straining. However, if you wish, you may use a super fine cheesecloth to separate the finely blended nuts. The pulp can be a very good addition to your smoothies and desserts.
  5. Storage: Transfer the freshly made nut milk into an airtight glass container. Store it in the refrigerator and consume it within 3-4 days. Shake well before using, as separation may occur.

Variations to the basic Brazil Nut Milk

The above recipe is a basic recipe for brazil nut milk, but you may add other ingredients to create your own nut milk flavors. 

  • Vanilla Milk: Add a teaspoon of vanilla extract to the mixture to make a delicious vanilla milk. 
  • Strawberry Milk: Add a 1/2 cup of strawberries to make a delicious and sweet pink strawberry milk.
  • Chocolate Brazil Nut Milk: Add two teaspoons of cocoa powder with dates to make a delicious chocolate milk.
  • A less common variation is adding 2 tbsp maple syrup and a dash of Himalayan pink salt.


If you don’t have a muslin or cheesecloth to extract the milk from pulp, a medium sized strainer works just fine.

Store the milk in a glass jar in the refrigerator.

The nut milk has a short shelf life, so use it within a few days.

To impart in-depth flavour feel free to roast the Brazil nuts prior to turning them into milk.


Is soaking the Brazil nuts necessary?

Soaking softens the nuts, which makes it easier to blend them. This improves the overall texture of the milk. Soaking also helps to break down some of the phytic acid.

How long does homemade Brazil nut milk last?

Homemade Brazil nut milk can be stored in the refrigerator for approximately 4-5 days.

Can I freeze Brazil nut milk?

Yes, you can freeze Brazil nut milk in a freezer-safe container. Leave some space at the top to allow expansion. Thaw the frozen milk before using and give it a good shake.

What can I do with the leftover pulp?

The leftover nut pulp can be added to smoothies, baked goods, or can be used as a topping for yogurt or oatmeal.

Where to use Brazil Nut milk?

It can be used in a number of ways like in desserts, smoothies, cereals and baking.

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