About us

Welcome to nutritionaltime.com.

My name is Amanpreet Kaur Samra. My purpose of making this blog is to provide information on good quality and easily feasible nutrition advice. Also, Nutritionaltime aims at making people aware of the terrible patternsĀ of theĀ prevailing eating habits. I have always felt very content for my simple yet nutritious food choices. Thanks to my parents, I have been a vegetarian since birth & now I’m trying to turn into a vegan. Let’s see how long it takes me to become a fully dedicated vegan.

The second prime focus of this blog is on helping people achieve weight loss in a realistic and healthy manner. While I say this, I also feel the urge to write on the much hyped weight loss drugs like Ozempic. The purpose of writing about them is definitely not to promote them, but only to generate awareness that they are no magic pills. Also, to provide accurate information on how you need to use them if you must.

All information provided on this blog is based on factual evidence & is guided by research.

Nutritionaltime will always:

  • Provide simple & feasible nutrition tips
  • Provide nutrition advice feasible for a common man
  • Will never promote fake diet & fake pills.
  • Will never promote expensive out of reach products.

My Education 

 I have a MS in Biochemistry & have also taken a few courses in Food & nutrition.

I have worked as a Lecturer in Biochemistry for ten years.