Aspartame And Cancer

The concern about “Aspartame and Cancer risk”, has always been there, however it gained momentum with the increased use of internet. Aspartame has been controversial ever since its approval in 1981. The World Health Organization’s (WHO) cancer research agency recently classified the commonly used artificial sweetener aspartame as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”, although another UN … Read more

Three Minutes Exercise Post Meals Lowers Blood Sugar

three minutes exercise

A new study found that a three minutes exercise post meals can reduce blood glucose levels and insulin response regardless of BMI. It’s a well proven fact that physical activity holds a very good tendency to improve blood sugar levels. When you’re active, the glucose in your blood gets used up by your active muscles for … Read more

How Does Ozempic Dosage Work?

Ozempic is a trending semaglutide medication for Type 2 Diabetes. This guide helps to elaborate typically prescribed ozempic dosage. However, your healthcare provider may want you to take Ozempic differently, as per your body condition and needs. If you feel, you have any concerns about your dosage, it’s always good to speak to your pharmacist or … Read more

Pistachios, The Antioxidants Powerhouses

Pistachios antioxidants

A recent study conducted by Cornell University and published in the journal “Nutrients” provided surprising results about the richest antioxidant sources and found Pistachios antioxidants amongst the top antioxidant food. A good amount of research on antioxidants has clearly suggested that an antioxidant rich diet can prevent disease & promote longevity. Fruits and vegetables are … Read more

Yogurt Types Around the World

Yogurt types

As yogurt is gaining popularity in the world of nutrition, it is becoming increasingly difficult for a consumer to understand the different options available for the types of yogurt. Yogurt is a highly nutritious food choice. It is filled with protein and is loaded with probiotics. Moreover, it’s an excellent choice for a bioavailable source … Read more

Ozempic and Alcohol: A Comprehensive Guide to Safe Consumption

Ozempic and alcohol

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll look deep into the topic of Ozempic and alcohol consumption, providing you with all the necessary information you need to make informed decisions. Ozempic, a popular semaglutide medication for type 2 diabetes, works by lowering blood sugar levels and promoting weight loss. It belongs to a class of drugs called … Read more

Yogurt Good For Diabetics

yogurt for diabetics

The unsweetened and low fat yogurt is an ideal option of yogurt good for diabetics. New research shows that yogurt consumption can be associated with lower levels of glucose and insulin resistance, and also lower systolic blood pressure. Additionally, an analysis of 13 recent studies published in the journal of nutrition, concluded that yogurt consumption, as a part … Read more

Ozempic face

Celebrated drug Ozempic has a good tendency to cause a loss of fat from face and in some people it results in an aged and wrinkled appearance, known as ‘Ozempic face’. Ozempic is a Semaglutide medicine prescribed to help control blood sugar levels in patients of type 2 diabetes. This medicine induces weight loss along with … Read more

5 Most Nutritious Vegetables: Recommended By Experts

most nutritious vegetable

This article covers 5 most nutritious vegetables, recommended by experts as a nutrition package. Vegetables are a major part of a healthy diet, as they’re packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. There is a huge number of vegetable types to choose from. Moreover, most of the common population, more commonly eats the less healthy … Read more