Vitamin D And Diabetes Mellitus: The Powerful Link

Vitamin D and Diabetes Mellitus hold a strong link, apparently because of the role of vitamin D in glucose metabolism. Vitamin D is involved in a huge number of biochemical processes, ranging from promoting calcium absorption, reducing inflammation and modulating neuromuscular and immune function. Vitamin D deficiency is more commonly found in the elderly and people who stay … Read more

Diabetes Weight Loss

Managing weight can be challenging and even more difficult in case of diabetes weight loss. Managing weight is a critical aspect of maintaining healthy blood sugar control. This article talks about losing weight in diabetes, with emphasis on a balanced and sustainable approach. Steps for Diabetes Weight Loss Consult a Healthcare Professional:Before starting any weight … Read more

5 Foods to Improve Insulin Resistance

If you have insulin resistance, you may be able to reduce or even reverse it by adopting healthy lifestyle habits such as regular exercise and a healthy diet. What is Insulin resistance? ‍Insulin resistance occurs when cells in our body are not able to respond well to insulin. Insulin is a hormone which is produced … Read more